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Financial and Emotional Intelligence

For the majority of my life, I dedicated my time to studying science and math. With years of education under my belt, I completed my studies and embarked on a professional journey. Suddenly, I found myself facing the expectation to possess financial intelligence and the ability to balance my own emotions and those of others. It seemed as though these subjects had been overlooked in my formal education. Confused and seeking guidance, I reached out to friends, only to discover that they too were unfamiliar with these areas. It became clear that the education system had neglected to provide us with these crucial life skills during our sixteen years of schooling.

I realized that if I wanted to acquire financial skills, I would have to learn through trial and error, which unfortunately resulted in some financial losses. However, my struggles did not end there. I found that I lacked control over my emotions when it came to money. Whenever an advertisement or someone triggered my emotions, I would impulsively spend more money. I accumulated unnecessary possessions, many of which I didn't even remember purchasing. This behaviour not only drained my finances but also eroded my confidence in decision-making, negatively impacting other aspects of my life.

Determined to find a solution, I delved into research and uncovered some enlightening facts about money and emotions:

  1. The education system does not prioritize direct instruction on money management because its primary objective is to produce a skilled workforce that generates wealth for others.

  2. Money has the ability to provide short-term pleasure, which can sometimes be mistaken for happiness or fulfillment.

Understanding these truths prompted me to reflect on the importance of financial and emotional intelligence in my life. I realized that it was crucial to educate myself in these areas to gain control over my finances and emotions. I began exploring resources, attending workshops, and seeking guidance from experts in the field. Through self-guided learning and experience, I gradually developed a better understanding of how to manage my money wisely and regulate my emotional responses.

By acquiring financial intelligence, I learned how to budget, invest, and make informed financial decisions. Simultaneously, I focused on nurturing my emotional intelligence and developing the ability to recognize and manage my emotions effectively. This newfound knowledge and skill set empowered me to make sound financial choices and maintain a healthy balance in my emotional well-being.

In conclusion, while the education system may not have equipped me with financial and emotional intelligence, I took it upon myself to bridge that gap. By acknowledging the limitations of formal education and taking the initiative to learn and grow, I have gained valuable insights and skills that have positively impacted my life. It is through continuous self-improvement and a commitment to lifelong learning that I have been able to navigate the complex realms of finance and emotions with greater confidence and success.

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