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How to find Purpose of Life?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Life is a fantastic book, with each page representing a day. As any book aims to deliver a unique message, our life also has a unique deliverable to the world.

When we think of the word "Purpose of Life," we feel like it is something huge in magnitude. All the things we do start looking very small or worthless in front of "Purpose of Life. Lack of sense of "Purpose of Life" creates depression or anxiety, resulting in a change in behaviour and creates an unhappy environment.

The size of "Purpose of Life" does not matter as we are all born raised differently for a different purpose. It could seem as big as going to Africa to teach unprivileged kids for the rest of your life, and it could as simple as stop taking plastic bags for your groceries. If it is linked to your business, Job, family or hobbies, it's fantastic, but it doesn't have to be.

The simplicity of "Purpose of Life" is, you don't need to create one; you have to find one. The sooner we find it better it is. However, "Purpose of Life" will not be much of importance until you start contributing to the world.

If you are ready to find your "Purpose of Life," Let's research it using simple steps.

Use a single blank page for the following activity.

Note: Please be true to yourself, don't make up the answers now. If you are not sure about it, do not write it.

Step1: List down the three activities you enjoy doing the most. (Playing, writing, speaking, listening, styling, helping, cooking, camping, driving, artwork etc.)

Step2: List down three areas you are good at or you are successful in your life. (Game, academics, skill, help, talk, speed, volunteer, standing-up, suggesting, decision making, problem-solving etc. this step is critical, ask your friends for verification)

Step3: List down your three ideas about how humans should live. (Food, water, shelter, study, happiness, migration, war, vegetarian, empathy, exercise etc.)

Step5: List down three types of discussion you follow on social or other media. (politics, celebrities, visionaries, funny, milliners, spiritual etc.)

Step6: Now, find the areas which appeared on more than 2 of the above steps. Try to combine these words into a statement, for example: "I want to help unprivileged people to have free education" or "I want to spread the happiness with my funny writing," or I want to spiritually heal the people with mental health ."

You will be surprised to see your statement will be focused on giving as opposed to taking. The beauty of the "Purpose of life" is it focuses on giving, and has the potential to bring healthy and financial fortunes into your life.

Find your Purpose of life, perform some activities around it and monitor if it brings inner peace or fulfillment to your life. If you are not satisfied, start from step1 again. It may take some time to find the actual Purpose of your life. But it will anchor your thoughts and bring abundance into your life as you move forward.

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