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Positive Self-talk

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Yes, self-talk means talking to yourself. It may sound crazy idea, but it is the most important communication you will have in your day. Most of us are busy in the overstimulated virtual world of so-called social media that we talk to everyone except ourselves. And when we do talk to ourselves, it is still about others.

These days, life is not only what we choose; it is also; why we choose, how we choose when we choose and how much we choose. For example, either we can use 3 hours to watch a movie or complete an online course about the topic we love. If we had self-talk during the day, we would make a good choice and be happy about it. If we did not have self-talk, we will just go with the flow and choose quick gratification.

Quick self-talk before making a choice or decision will always help us keep aligned with our goals or make some goals. As opposed to sleepwalking thru this crucial period of our life, we must adopt a habit of self-talk on a daily basis.

This self-talk will build your perspective to go through the days, weeks, and months and help you see things in a way you must see. The only way to improve your core powers is fresh, positive self-talk. During self-talk, you can analyze a) where am I in my dreams and b) plan what needs to be done, and c) if the last planned thing is done or not, and d) why, if it is not done.

If you do a 5-minute self-talk every day, you will see the results in 3 weeks about your improved knowledge, confidence and internal powers. You will have plenty of time to focus on the things uniquely important to you.

Happy self-talk !!

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