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The 3 AM Call

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

You have a great life if you have an 8-hour sound sleep. But you are the special one If you become conscious around 3 - 4 am. What you do at that time is going to make a difference in your life and the world through your action. Let’s discuss why it happens and what you can do to utilize this blessing to its best.

Why does it happen?

When we go to bed, we have plenty of thoughts going through our minds. At 3 am they are all settled to their dedicated memory location in our brain. At this time, our brain is at its freshest level and ready to generate and process new ideas.

Should I sleep again?

This is what most of us do when we wake up at 3 am because we think that our sleep got disturbed. We pick up a thought and start processing it and go to seep again with that thought. If we sleep again, the next day will be the same as the last day as we processed the same thoughts we had yesterday.

Should I meditate?

Yes, if you seek spiritual arousal or go thru chaos in your life, this is the most effective time to go for a 15-minute meditation journey. It will help you to become spiritually strong and Improve your self-esteem. Try Sleep meditation.

Should I make a plan for the next day?

Yes, at this time your thought is not only influenced by the events of the last day, they are influenced by your entire life. The plans and decisions made at this time are the best you can make for the upcoming day or days. Make notes of them somewhere.

Should I journal the thoughts?

Yes, as I said you have access to the experience of your entire life at this time. Go ahead and note down the thoughts you have in your brain. Positive, negative, hopeful, hopeless whatever, note all.

Should I wake up others?

No, this is your time for yourself to spend with yourself. They may be at a sound sleep level in their life and will not get the points I am mentioning here. Prepare for your activities in the night, so you don't wakeup others while looking for these.

Should I study?

Absolutely, I think you know by now, why it is a good time to study.

Should I explore social media?

Not at All, again this is your time with yourself. Your brain is ready to give something new to you and the world. If you start feeding it with what does not matter, you are losing the opportunity to make a difference in your life and the world.

Should I exercise?

No, we are talking about your brain and of course, we will do the mental exercises mentioned above, but your body may need more rest. So don’t rush to start exercise, wait until 5-6 am for physical exercise.

In conclusion, you are already in a state of gratification. The comfort you are in at this time is proof of having a good life which is becoming great every day. Count your blessings and take a little more rest to get aware of yourself. Wake up at your schedule time and go thru your day with clear plans. Within a few weeks, you will see a huge improvement in your self-awareness, happiness and fulfilment.

Good luck!

Happy happiness !

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